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About Us

Welcome to Chitraksh, where art converges with the essence of life, transforming spaces into personalized sanctuaries. Be it a cozy home, inspiring interiors, or welcoming hotel lobbies, the aesthetic of a place holds an extraordinary ability to forge unique bonds with its inhabitants. Every hue on the walls and every bloom in a vase narrates a tale, reflecting a piece of the resident’s soul.

Chitraksh understands the profound significance of these stories and is poised to assist you in infusing your personality into the walls that accompany you on your journey. Our platform presents an exceptional collection of fine art photographic imagery—genuine moments and intricately collaged snapshots, each conveying the beauty of daily life. Within every visual lies a profound tapestry of layers, inviting you to explore and discover the intricate details and emotions preserved within each photograph.

Immerse yourself in these captivating stories, connecting with art in a profound and meaningful way. Infuse your living spaces with sophistication and personality through Chitraksh’s exquisite artworks, turning your environment into an extension of your uniqueness. Chitraksh is your gateway to a world where art embraces life, intertwining with your essence, and making every moment count.

Explore our collection today and let your walls resonate with your spirit through the enchantment of visual storytelling.


Our Aim

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to democratize the captivating world of photography art. We break down barriers and champion accessibility, focusing on providing a broader audience with the opportunity to embrace the beauty of framed wall art and photography prints.

Our dedication extends to engaging and empowering photographers worldwide, offering them a prominent platform to showcase their talents and connect with a global audience. In line with this vision, we are actively expanding our team, seeking individuals who share our passion for art and innovation.

Our overarching goal transcends the conventional boundaries of fine art photography. We aim to redefine and democratise the art form, making it not only visually stunning but also accessible. By introducing framed photo prints and enabling enthusiasts to buy photos online, we are ensuring that art is no longer confined to a select few but becomes a dynamic reflection of the contemporary societal and cultural landscape.

In our pursuit of inclusivity, creativity, and affordability, we seek to contribute significantly to the evolution of the art world. We envision fostering a vibrant and diverse artistic community, where art photography becomes an integral part of everyday life, available for all to enjoy and cherish.

Our Services


Fine Curation

At Chitraksh, our curated selection of framed wall art and photography prints prioritizes diverse customer preferences while upholding unwavering aesthetic standards. Influenced by contemporary social and economic dynamics, these images offer an affordable alternative to traditional fine art paintings. Our user-friendly platform facilitates easy selection based on style, theme, subject, interior space, and color, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for our customers.

Archival Prints

We ensure the highest quality for your prints. Each image undergoes in-house printing on archival paper using top-tier archival ink and cutting-edge printing technology. Our meticulous approach includes selecting the ideal paper type tailored to enhance the image and complement its theme.


Museum Grade Framing

We uphold an unwavering commitment to framing excellence. Our expert frame-makers meticulously craft each frame, ensuring a seamless alignment with the image’s aesthetic. No compromise is made on the quality and finishing of our frames. The selection of mount and frame colors is tailored to complement the versatile nature of various interiors, providing a cohesive and sophisticated presentation.

Unmatched Delivery

Our commitment to excellence extends to the delivery of our creations. At Chitraksh, we prioritize meticulous packaging to ensure your online order of framed photo prints reaches you in pristine condition. Through strategic partnerships with leading courier companies, we guarantee a seamless and swift delivery process for your convenience.


Rajeev Rai

The Founder

Rajeev Rai

Rajeev Rai

Step into Chitraksh, an artistic haven curated by Rajeev Rai—an accomplished artist and entrepreneur. Rajeev, with a background in physics and a Master’s in Design, brings a distinctive fusion of technical prowess and artistic finesse to the realm of fine art photography.

At the helm of Chitraksh, Rajeev seamlessly integrates technology and art, ensuring a harmonious equilibrium between viewer satisfaction and the sustenance of artists. Leveraging extensive experience in brand campaigns and advertising, Rajeev specializes in portrait, fashion, and home furnishing photography, delving into the captivating world of fine art photography.

As the curator of Chitraksh, Rajeev, fluent in the nuanced language of fine art, skillfully crafts visual narratives that tell captivating stories. His dedication to customer satisfaction is palpable as he leads a devoted team of photographers and art directors, with expansion plans to welcome like-minded individuals into this creative initiative.

For Rajeev, art is a potent form of expression, mirroring the rich tapestry of culture and society. Having personally undergone the transformative power of art, he regards it as a therapeutic force. From a reserved and introverted youth, Rajeev evolved into a confident individual, crediting sketching and painting as tools for self-expression.

Embracing a lifelong learning mindset, Rajeev continually seeks fresh knowledge, infusing innovative ideas into traditional systems. Rooted in tradition yet receptive to futuristic developments, he recognizes the collaborative nature of success, valuing teamwork in accomplishing significant milestones.

Embark on this creative journey with us, where art converges with innovation, tradition meets the future, and every image narrates a compelling story. Explore our collection of framed wall art, photography prints, and framed photo prints online—experience the intersection of tradition and technology in every piece.